Friday, 19 December 2014

15 Things I'd Tell 15-year-old Me

I've come back home for Christmas, and as I've bought back a silly amount of stuff with me, I've had to go through a lot of my old stuff and get rid of a ton of unnecessary things - broken fancy dress accessories and make-up that's 5 years old - I also discovered my old diary and my cringe glands just exploded.
The worries and stresses in my life when I was a teenager were ridiculous and totally uncalled for.

So, here's what I would tell teenager Amy, to make her realise that Fall Out Boy and boys in general, aren't the be all and end all.

1.) First of all, stop acting like you're really grown-up and being a complete know-it-all. You're 15 for Pete's sake. You literally know NOTHING.

2.) That boy that you think you love, and whose name you scribble all over your school planner? Yeah, he doesn't fancy you back, and he's really not worth all your time and attention. It's really not as devasting as you think. You're better off giving that attention to Pete Wentz.

3.) Oh, and on that subject. That emo thing you're going through, is just a phase. Yes, I know you love My Chemical Romance, but you also love McFly. After the emo era, you'll be a complete tomboy refusing to wear skirts and dresses, before finally realising that they're actually your one true love, and you just a big fat girly girl through and through.

4.) You know when you thought you were a punk as well? Definitely not. All punks from the 60s would spit on you for thinking you legit are one. Yes you like The Ramones, but fingerless, fishnet gloves alone don't make you part of a revolutionary, iconic group.

5.) Stop drawing copious amounts of thick, kohl, black eyeliner around your eyes. It's not fetch.

6.) Just because something looks good on your friend, doesn't mean it'll look good on you, so don't go out and buy it as well. You'll find out in time that cinched-in dresses are your best friends, and straight-legged jeans will fit you much better than trying to squeeze into skinny ones that cut off your circulation.

7.) WKDs and Smirn-Off Ice doesn't make you well hard. They're gross and sticky. And BLUE. That should say it all.

Seriously. Just look at what it does to you and your tongue.

8.) You and dad might not get on at the best of times, but stop acting and thinking it's because he's trying to ruin your life - he's just trying to stop you from doing so to yourself. He loves you to bits, and you argue because you're being a difficult teenager, like everyone else. He's actually hilarious, busts out some amazing moves on the dance-floor, and your love for him will become apparent when you get some sense into you, and when you move out, you'll miss him like mad.

9.) There's more to life that Barry M glitter dust.

10.) There's no need to take 120 photos from one house party. Or a shopping trip as a matter of fact.

11.) And there's also no need to print them all out either. All the free 40 prints from Photobox in the world wouldn't be enough for your need to cover your entire wall with photos.

12.) Your time spent on MySpace will be replaced by this site called Facebook. It's kind of the same except you don't have to constantly have to re-arrange your top 8 of friends. Instead, you'll have over 100 of them, some of which you'll want to unfriend due to their Facebook statuses.

13.) Oh, and on that point, you NEED to stop taking photos of yourself in THAT MySpace pose. It really isn't flattering. Neither it is to pretend you don't know a photo's being taken...

14.) And stop editing your photos so much. You're not David LaChapelle.

15.) Last but not least. Stop worrying about everything. Boys, school, friends, 'being cool'. I can tell you that it all works out and you're a happy bunny, so don't spend as much time crying black streams of eyeliner down your face while listening to Taking Back Sunday. Just enjoy being a teen while you are one.

There's no other cringe-worthy time like it.

Stay happy!
Until next time,


  1. Omg I love this post so so much!! I can literally relate to all of these - I laughed at taking hundreds of photos on shopping trips LIKE WHY, what is the point ahahah. And the Barry M glitter dust ahaha

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Aw, thanks for saying so Alice! Haha, I know! I have no idea why I took SO many photos when I went shopping with my friends!
      Thanks for stopping by - make sure you come again :)

  2. I legit bought some Barry M glitter dust two days ago. On a separate point, you're adorable. If not slightly selfie-obsessed xxxx

    1. I don't know why I would have ever thought lime green glitter would be a good look on me though...
      Haha, might have possibly been a inkling of future problems xxx