Friday, 28 March 2014

The future's bright!

Last week, me and the rest of the magazine journalism group at uni took a lil trip down to the Big Smoke to see what the big wide world of magazines held for us when we finished this masters degree.

Now, controversial statement, but I used to be very anti-London. I hated how busy it was. I hated how you had to battle through a sea of people to get anywhere. I hated how everyone seemed to rushed to even say 'hello' in the morning.
But then, I lived there for a month while I did an internship, and after just day 2, although tired and sweaty, I had fallen in love with the capital.
There's a different vibe and atmosphere around every corner. Whether you're looking for something bright and fun, or sophisticated and quintessentially British. There's something for everybody.

So I was more than happy to be thrown back into the city, especially with new friends along for the ride.
As if I didn't love the city enough already, spending 3 days going around magazine offices imagining what my life could be, can be, and will be, just made me 10 times more determined to get where I want to be with my career. 
There were encouraging talks from inspiring people, locked-out mishaps at offices, good ol' British pub grub, cocktails at night, dim-sum in China Town, singing Les Mis songs outside of the musical, and of course, a trip to London wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of my favourite places in the entire world: Liberty's
A treasure trove of beautiful items inside a even more beautiful building, and one of my favourite things are the fresh flowers outside.
I even got to pop over to Hogwarts for a flying visit....
...and go over to Sherlock's for a cuppa!
It was an amazing trip that opened my eyes to all the possibilities the future holds. It's inspired me, enlightened a world of knowledge onto me and has pushed me to put in nothing less than 110%.

And, I bought myself a cheeky lil treat as well while I was there...opps!
Gin and macarons...what else does a girl need?!

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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