Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Flippin' Heck!

Yesterday was Pancake Day. One of the best days on the calender!

I went round to my friend, Cat's house, and she was the best hostess! 
Since moving into halls for my postgrad course, it was so nice to be in a proper home that felt lived in and loved. It just felt completely calm and homely and after a fragile morning due to a few too many cocktails the night before, it was just what the doctor ordered!
She made tea, she had bacon sizzling away and an assortment of pancake companions laid out ready.
Not only that, but we didn't just cook using your standard frying pan, no siree. She had a mini pancake stove ready and it was the cutest and most fun thing!
I had every combination possible. Nutella. Bacon and syrup. And my favourite which is a classic, lemon and sugar. I think my blood stream is pure pancake batter now! 
With the softest cat I've ever met to cuddle, a pot of tea to keep pouring, and relaxing times with fantastic friends, it was just pure bliss.
What did you do for pancake day? What your favourite topping?

Hoe you're all well,
Speak soon.

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  1. OMG THE PANCAKE STOVE!! why do I not have one? And why did we not have one when we were all together???