Monday, 24 June 2013

End of an Era

Last week, I packed up my everything at my Uni house, and moved out.

Now, it was never the most beautiful or coolest house, but it was my home for the past 3 years (which is a large chunk of your life when you're 21!), and a damn good home it was to me too. I have so many memories of that house, friendships blossomed from chats in bed until 3am, dance battles in the kitchen which ensued into fits of hilarity, nights spent rolling into one another's room, sharing each other's wardrobe and trying on outfits before a night out, which always resulted in a floordrobe, and of course, countless cups of teas shared in that living room.
 I loved that uni home and all the experiences held within it, and I just loved my whole uni experience.

Over the past 3 years, I've learnt how to cook, how to be independent, how much I love, appreciate and miss my parents, family and friends, and also how to dance while containing all your limbs within one kitchen tile...
In that house, I've loved and lost, drink tea and cocktails, laughed and cried, hid under covers over Darren Brown, dressed up as cats, skeletons, and everything else in between, decorated everything in Christmas festivities, and sang and danced along with Disney movies.
 I've experienced journeys emotionally, and physically to see new sights with them. Some of these people have literally felt like part of my family, and even with all the downs, the ups still overshadowed them, and I wouldn't have changed anything about my time at uni.
I've made friends who share my love of music, who make me laugh until I can't speak, one who make the perfect cup of tea every time without fail, ones, and friends who i know will be for life and have memories with that last me a lifetime.
I just can't believe how much time does fly, especially when you're having the most fun!

Even with all this though, and as sad as it is to leave all that, I'm ready for a new city, new people and new adventures, and as much as I am scared and nervous, the excitement I have makes me forget about all that :)

This post is a little bit delayed as I've just been un-packing, catching up with loved ones and settling back into home life, and I know this post is a bit personal and self-indulgent, but I guess I'm just feeling a bit sad and reflective at the fact that it's an end of an era.
 ("An era is defined as a significant amount of time, now it was significant for me, maybe it wasn't significant enough for you!" that sitcom!)
Are any of you off to any new adventures and experiences?  Are you of you leaving/going to uni?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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  1. This is so cute I wanna cry! Also, I love how you've managed to document all of our hairstyle histories in one post :) I'm impressed!