Thursday, 6 June 2013


On  Tuesday 4th of June, it was the University of Northampton's time to shine at Graduate Fashion Week.
After being a away for a little while, we definitely came back with a bang, and perhaps it's me being biased, but I truly felt like the work produced from our Uni was some of the most innovative, creative and professional that was there.
Although I didn't get selected for the catwalk for GFW, I was stupidly excited for the day, to see our stand and see everyone's work on the catwalk. Waking up at the silly hour of 4.30am, we piled onto a coach and made it to Earl's Court, and I couldn't have enjoyed the day more.
Being around everyone who has been beavering away at their collections, and knowing all the stress, work, and trauma they've all been through, I felt truly proud of each of every one of my classmates and friends, and what they've achieved.

I love my class and is one of the most supportive group of people I've known, so when it came to the catwalk, we were all cheering and roaring like mad men!
The stand looked fantastic and professional, with footwear's creations that were beautiful, and textiles' prints encased in globes that were stunning, and everyone's collection looked fantastic on the runaway, but if I had to pinpoint some out, my favourite were...

Kiran Bassan's fun and free use of colour and texture...

Iyesha Whitehouse's slick, sexy and streamline use of leather...

Mia Felce's playful use of print and layering with transparacies (that would keep anyone cheerful in the rain!)...
Emma Parker's beautiful and dreamy innovative use of different textiles....
and my dear friend, Hannah Podbury, and her calming and quirky mix of knitting, sheer devore and twisting and intertwining tubes (Jellyfish!)
I sound like such a mother, but I'm so proud of everyone for the class of 2013 and so happy for all those who got to see their dreams become a reality on the catwalk.
And especially for my friend, Kiran Bassan, who won the Zandra Rhodes Textiles Award! Who truly deserved it!

GFW was amazing, there was such a buzz and atmosphere, and there were so much talent there. I especially loved De Montfort's Contour collection and The University of Lancashire's display. Definitely go check out of the amazing talent on GFW online.
Have you been keeping up with GFW? Did any particualr collections catch your eye?
What do you think of University of Northampton's work?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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