Friday, 8 February 2013

Slick & Smooth

Recently i have been listening to 2 artists, whose music i can only as being sensual.

I had heard 'Do You' from Miguel quite a while back when Nick Grimshaw had it as his record of the week and i just loved the chilled out r&b vibe, and i thought his voice was just hypnotic...beautiful and velvety smooth.
There's just something quite old-school about him, and he reminds me of Prince, which is gorgeous and should be illegal, and the beats and compositions in his songs are just awesome.

As for The Weeknd, i had only really known them from 'The Crew' which they featured on for Drake's track, and there is again this vibe that oozes sexiness, so sultry, beautiful and chilled out.
I know some of you will think I'm a bit late on the train for these 2, as they've both had stuff out for a while, and it's just recently that i dug out more of their stuff, courtesy of my friend and housemate, Michaela, but i am so excited to have discovered 2 brilliant and talented artists to add to my life!

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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