Monday, 11 February 2013

Asian Invasion

So, i know this may be a long-time pal and love for some of you, but some k-pop has only entered my life recently.
Now, I've been aware of some bands via some of my housemates who are completely engulfed in the world of k-pop, but it was only recently, i discovered my own personal love for one band in particularly, 2NE1.
They are just an awesome girl band, nothing like anything I'm really used to on the UK scene, now, i do have a bit of a guilty pleasure in Girls Aloud and i think they make brilliant and infectious pop songs, and no-one will ever be the same as the Spice Girls, who were a massive part of my childhood.
But these girls are just something else, their songs are just so damn catchy and fun! The first few songs i got shown, i just couldn't help but bust out a few moves to. I know that whenever auto-tune is used in a song, basically seems to get shunned and deemed untalented, but it can be used so cleverly, such as by Ellie Goulding and Muse, but after a quick search on YouTube, these girls can definitely hold a tune. 

They are just the whole package, wicked dancemoves, great songs and the most brilliant fashion and hair that I've seen in a long while, and the worlds of music and fashion always collide. It's just so refreshing to see!
You have no idea how much hair lust i have over CL's do here...
My personal favourite is 'Love You', which i think is a more mature vibe compared to some of their other songs, and i love the dance beat, and, although i may not know what they're saying lyrically, the emotions conveyed through it just feel so heartbreaking of the nature of a unrequited love. And the video is just beautiful, with an oriental feel.
Another thing this new discovery has made me realise is that i want to and should em.brace my asian roots more. Being born and brought up in the UK, i really haven't had the biggest exposure to my heritage and it's culture. I have been luck enough to visit my heritage hometown of Hong Kong on quite a regular basis when i was younger, and the fact my parents spoke chinese to me means i appreciate having another form of communication under my belt. But, the culture seems like a completely different world to me, it's like watching into from the outside of a bubble, and i want to just embrace and learn more about my heritage.
I hope that if you haven't checked out or been taken over with k-pop (and no, Gangnam Style doesn't count!), that you do and open yourself to a whole new, crazy world.

What do you guys think of k-pop? Do you guys have a favourite?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,


  1. i have actually never listened to any k-pop! ever!! i will give it a go now though, these girls look amazing - so freaking cool! :)

  2. Yeyy welcome to the club babbbaayy :)