Monday, 1 February 2016

Month by Numbers: pink, piercings & pissed

7 faves...
1.) I hate January. I'm sorry, but I do (apologies to all my lovely friends whose birthdays are in Jan - it's not personal!) Every single year I end up feeling unconsolably down, and it's more than just a bad day. So, to try and kick the January blues this year, I went January pink instead! Having bleached hair means I can have ALL the fun with different temporary hair dyes now. So pink hair and piercings was how I kept those pesky blues away. And FYI kids - Kids - piercings are an addicting thing y'all. You start with getting a extra second cheeky one on your lobe and before you know it, your piercing collection has gotten into the double numbers...

2.) Despite my lack of love for January though, the month has been pretty sweet to me with plenty of dance moves on show, and cocktails and friends to get through the Monday of all the months.

3.) The freelance life has it's highs and lows, but one of the highlights is being that I get to be that stereotypical dickhead who sits at a cafe tapping away at their laptop. That means I get to try out all the pretty places that serve great wifi and even better coffee, with one of my faves being The Lights of Soho. 
Filled with neon beauty, sassy slogans and mottos that make you want to yell out, 'PREACH'

4.) Some people in my life recently didn't turn up and live up to the kind of people that they'd portrayed themselves to be in my life. And for once, I didn't ride it out and tell myself that I was jsut over-reacting, and I took control of how I feel and about my own life, and I'm now so much happier and better for it. Yay for life lessons!

5.) After a night of dancing to film soundtracks, making new friends and drinking tequila, there aren't many better hangover cures than going on a big walk outdoors to blow away the cobwebs. With a coffee in hand and a friend to debrief all about last night about, and a view THIS beautiful - all those regretful drinks don't seem that bad anymore

6.) Brunch is one of my favourite meals. Basic? Yes. Delicious and boozy? YES. And the latest place to win over my heart and my appetite is Flesh & Buns.
Having had dinner there before, I know the food was already gonna be the bomb, but MY GOD. Endless prosecco, fresh sushi & ceviche, tons of buns and a big ol' flame to roast marshmallows and make smores RIGHT AT THE TABLE PEOPLE. Go and get drunk with your squad in the middle of Sunday y'all.

7.) The Natural History Museum is one of those places where I've gone to time after time, but going after hours and having a beer while looking at skeletons and mammals is a whole different experience to the packed weekends filled with kids. I felt a bit like I was back at school and trespassing and now, that's the only way I want to experience museums and exhibitions.

5 tweets...
"Now that Christmas is over & done with, Spring: come at me please. I'm ready for bare legs & no laddered tights🌱"
"My hair is clean from dry shampoo & my phone's got a full battery for the 1st time in about 4 days. Am I adult-ing right yet?"
"When your flatmate comes to borrow a top off you for a night out & she says '...they're all cropped' OPPS."
"HONESTLY CAN ALL MY FRIENDS STOP BEING FLAKES. The only flakes I have room for in my life are those of the Cadbury variety 🍫"
"Every time Netflix pauses to ask if I want to continue watching, it makes me reevaluate my life & what I'm doing with it...😅"

3 outfits...
There's not much else in my wardrobe that makes me happier than a gilet that's covered in pastel coloured feathers. I feel like as Brandon Flowers, if he was a flamingo. But when wearing something that's not-so-subtle, a long sleeve white tee and a button denim is all you need to go with it.

I will never be cool or Rock 'n' Roll as Stevie Nicks, but I can wear a deep plunge swishy dress with wide sleeves and covered in stars and pretend that I am. 

I love getting dressed up for a date. Well, I love any excuse to get dressed up anyway, but add pretty underwear into the equation of your maroon red, zip-up cord dress, and there's a possibility that love might be in the air tonight...

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