Saturday, 9 January 2016

December disco

The festive season of December calls for 3 very important components, and in 3 varying degrees...

First there's the glitter and sparkle - now, you can just give a nod to the twinkly lights of Christmas with a long-length netted gold top, with a sparkly silver CK bra to save your modesty.
Step it up a notch with enough texture and shimmer to give Frosty the Snowman a run for his money. Pair with over the knee boots, pom-pom earrings and grey hair for maximum festive feels.
Or go the whole hog with big ol' gems and beads on your Elsa-worthy dress. Frozen? Eat your heart out.
Component no.2: The Christmas jumper. Now, you can go kinda traditional with a fairisle-style print full of beads and the like (Psst, it goes perfectly with dungaree-dresses and leather skirts with a touch of tartan)
Or drop in more of a novelty factor with some holly in embroidery form, with of course some added extra sparkle in the form of gems just for good measure.
But why do that when you could just throw caution to the wind and wear a jumper covered in glitter showcasing the very important motto that one is 'Kissing guys for mince pies'. Perfect with a shimmering, red dress that is oh-so-festive, or with a chevron skirt while you roller skate around the dance floor. Multi-purpose to the max.

And last but not least - tis' the season of giving! So that also means the receiving of gifts (if you've been good that is) And it seems that I can't have been too naughty this year because Santa bought me a swish new diary to keep my life in order, some pyjamas that are out of this world, and lots of other magpie-worthy shimmery sparkles.
Including a double-heart token asking me to sail away with them. Well, how could I resist the charm of rose gold eh?
Bonus round alert! If 3 major factors to Christmas isn't enough enough, then throw in a fishtail plan and enough tartan scarves to give the cold weather in Budapest a run for it's money.

 Until next time,

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