Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Month by Numbers: Kylie, Kiss-mas & Kicking Back

With December being the festive season of gifts, drinking and eating until you resemble a pig in a blanket, it was a hella hectic month, broken up by a stint of Crimbo limbo where you do nothing but sit on the sofa and only move to grab another chocolate out of the Quality Street tin - and it looked a little something like this...

7 favourites...
1.) When I set myself a goal to document more little bits and moments of my life this time last year, I didn't actually think I'd stick it out for the whole 12 months! (My attention span isn't the best..) But Even if it's just me and my odd cousin who I don't really talk to anymore watches it, I've loved doing it and it's made me see my day-to-day life in a different and more creative way. And it gives me a outlet for all the random bits of clips that I record or save from my Snapchat story - they're not just wasting away on my hard-drive. Here's my December and last mini documentary of 2015: there was lots of family time and lots of festive fairy lights.

2.) I love getting post, and I wish I got more or sent more. Maybe it's because it's the festive season, or cus my friends are just thoughtful munchkins, but I came home from work to find quite the few Christmas cards - from friends at home to friends on the other side of the world - and even a little letter just to say hi. Everytime I saw an envelope with my name on and ripped it open to read what was inside, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and my heart felt all warm & fuzzy. So maybe this year will be the year I get my pen & paper out...

3.) One of the massive perks of my job is getting tickets to go see something that I might not necessarily have been able to or have thought about going to. And one of occasions is when I got to see the pop princess that is Kylie Minogue perform a one-off Christmas spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall with my bestie. It was one big camp, colourful and carasmatic Christmas party, and I left feeling hysterical, overjoyed and exhausted in equal measures (and with no voice...)

4.) If you know me, I'm all about the activities. Yeah yeah, going for a drink or a coffee is all perfectly well and good, but why would I want to go for a flat white when I can skating on the ice white? And with festivities well and truly in full swing for the festive season, I did everything from skating - roller AND ice - to going to Christmas markets and pop-up versions of Tokyo. 

5.) Budapest was the perfect winter getaway - filled with twinkly lights, beautiful buildings & hot coco that essentially was jut melted chocolate (which was completely necessary in the cold & rain). Sights were seen, wine was drank and many miles were walked. Budapest? You were the Buda-best!

6.) Christmas means home. But not driving home for Christmas a la Chris Rea cus, y'know...trains and shit, but every time I come back home and see my family and catch up with my friends, my heart feels all warm and fuzzy inside. 

7.) And speaking of Christmas, what a Christmas it's been this year. This year, I felt well and truly excited and content at the same time. Food, family and fun is what it's all about, and everything else on top of that is just a brilliant extra. Now I have little niece and nephews running around putting cookies out for Santa and ecstatic for the morning of the 25th, it makes the festive season all that more magical.

5 tweets...

"I've eaten a mince pie every day of December so far - Christmas is off to a 
brilliant start y'all 🎄"
"Listening to @britneyspears as I do yoga is making me feel sassy & serene in equal measures 🙏🏼💃🏻"
"Pretty sure at this festive point my blood stream is 70% mulled wine, 20&% gin & 10% glitter 🍷🎄✨"
"Oh man! Dude on the train just sprayed an aftershave that smells just like my ex. Definitely don't miss the ex but god I do miss that scent"
"Today's the first time in about 6 days I've not had red lipstick on. Feels strange 💋💄"

3 outfits... 
dress:ASOS, skirt:Mango
I spent most of the month looking like some form of wintery ice queen. Whether that's in a sparkly and bejewelled dress to honour the pop princess that is Kylie Minogue when you go see her festive spectacular. Or covered in a wool and shimmering textured mad mess of a skirt with complimenting glittery nails. 
top:Nasty Gal, skirt:Mango, boots:Daisy Street, earrings:New Look
Or you could just go all out with your trusty fluffy and shimmering skirt once again, with a low-cut, flared sleeved top (did someone say ABBA?) Add some equally as fluffy pom-pom earrings and some knee high boots for good measure and BAM! You've got yourself a snow angel. Extra festive points for icy silver hair.

Until next time,

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