Friday, 5 February 2016

Jazzy January

Oh January you icy mistress. Yes you're cold and blustery weather conditions make my teeth chatter nose numb, but I'm not going down without a fight! I'm armed with fluffy beanie hats and massive fur-trimmed hooded coats,
And the best accesory for a fluffy beanie? More fluff of course in the form of a sequinned and furry jumper and pair of pom-pom plimsols. 
But just because it's winter, it doesn't mean you have to wrap up all the time.
Stripping down to some sheer beauties when it's playtime, is just a sheer delight (especially when there's lacy underwear involved...oo-er!)
Speaking of underwear, do you have those special numbers that you save for special occasions? Liiiike, to wear under your zip-down cord number for a first date.
But if pretty lace numbers are a little bit too promiscuous then sports bras and crop tops are The. One - either catching a glimpse under a metallic gold open knit...
.. or matching your just as metallic leather skirt with a tropical printed crop with equally as gold Puma sign emblazoned across it.
If a single word logo isn't enough though, then there's a number of sassy slogans you can wear across your chest to express your feelings in a perfect adolescent manner.
If even being a teenage runaway is too mature for your taste though, a playground-worthy beaded bracelet (even if the message isn't that playground-friendly).
No better way to go along the school days vibe than with a pinafore dress, but with a grown-up twist of being made out of forest green suede.              
But back-to-basics are just as good and sometimes black and white is the way to go. (And you can still buckle up your dungaree straps - win, win!)
Speaking of classics - you can't go wrong with a tshirt and jeans combo, which is exactly what lazy weekends are made for! Especially when it has Honey Bunny written across it, and is baggy AF to show off your lacy red bra - cheeky!
But you can't really get further away from basics than a gilet covered in pastel feathers or pretty pink hair. January blues? can do one buddy.
Alas though, it wouldn't be my wadrobe if there wasn't a shitloads of patterns, particuarly if they're florals that go perfectly with a sleeveless poloneck and long ol' shearling coat.
Or there's the playful playsuit which may seem like a summer choice, but with autumnly tones and knee high boots, they're spot-on for a winter's day's stroll.
And I always get a bit starry eyed when I see anything spaced themed like moons and stars. A plunging star-printed dress with flowing, fluted sleeves had me feeling like a 60s rock babe.
Except, I know I'm not, so along with with my thigh high boots - this is about the closest I'll ever get to feeling like Stevie Nicks. And that's fine with me.

Until next time,

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