Monday, 25 August 2014

Genie, you're free

On August 11th 2014, Robin Williams passed away.
It was definitely one of those moments where I'll always remember where I was when I heard the news - sitting with friends playing Articulate - and I was immediately stunned and saddened.

I don't really know why I'm writing this. It was 2 weeks ago, but I still feel genuinely sad about it. It's strange how someone you've never met, can make such an impact on your life, and an even larger impact when they leave it.
I've felt sad about other 'celebrities' deaths before - Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston - but this time, it's different somehow.

Robin Williams brought an immense amount of happiness and laughter to my childhood. Mrs.Doubtfire was one of my favourite films, and I watched Aladdin on repeat. As I grew up, I would be amazed and in stitches as I saw Williams on interviews, talk shows and stand-up, and was blown away at how talented this human being was, and how much he made me laugh. Even now, I still watch Aladdin and not only feel the same happiness as I did as a child, but also appreciate his voicing and ability to show emotion and animation just through his voice.
I think that's part of the reason why his death can affected me so much, but also, the way he left this world.

As I've been searching for clips of Robin Williams to watch on YouTube, and remember him for the talented and hilarious man he was and always will be, I've come across so many comments about his passing, and what really surprised me was, there were more calling him a coward, than paying their respects.
One comment had said how he hadn't passed away, as he took his own life. There were people saying how could he have done this to his wife and kids. How he should've sucked it up and got on with it. And it all just makes me feel just so sad and disappointed about humanity. Now, I don't claim to know much about mental illness, and I definitely don't have a medical background. But what I do know though, is all those comments are ludicrous and wrong.
Depression is a minefield. Any mental illness is. You can't necessarily see it, and telling someone to get help, is easier said than done. I've experienced people close to me dealing with depression in my own life, so I know how hard the battle against it can be. Everything may seem fine on the surface, but that might be the case deep down. Robin Williams, as far as I know, had dealt with depression, anxiety,alcoholism and now reportedly, early stages of Parkinsons' Disease. I can't imagine what was going on in his mind.
I guess what really breaks my heart is that, he saw no other way to deal with all his battles, but to end them all together. And it's not just him. So many people out there have a mental illness and may not be receiving the support and help they need.
Robin Williams was one of a kind. There will never be another like him, and I'm so grateful he gave this world so many brilliant characters, movies and uncontrollable laughter - and that's how I'm going to remember him.
I hope the one thing that comes out of this tragedy, is that society learns more about mental illness. I have myself by researching about it and wanting to know more.

Please. If you feel there is no-one out there to help you, support you, or even to talk to - I promise you there is. Please don't suffer in silence. You have one, amazing life, and it's all yours to live.
Go watch Good Will Hunting. Admire Dead Poet's Society. Laugh at Flubber. Relive Mrs.Doubtfire. Get lost in Jumanji. Love Aladdin.
But most importantly, take Williams words and live your life.
I genuinely hope you are all well, and if not, please know there are people out there who love you can want to help you.
Speak soon,


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    1. Aww, thanks very much for saying so Antonella!
      Hope you visit back soon :) x

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    1. He was indeed - I just watched Aladdin recently and he is hilarious as Genie!