Monday, 28 April 2014

Suit & Tie

I love bows, ribbons, pastels, and glitter.

But all of that may need to be put into hibernation for a bit as I take a visit to the tailors soon after I've seen all these women borrowing their boyfriend's penguin suits.
There's something so powerful and sexy about a female in a suit and tie.

It can be androgynous and mysterious, or be fitted and seductive. 

Whether it's a skinny one, undone, or wrestled into a bow - the tie finishes all up.
I love the addition of a cummerbund at Chanel, and this variation of tweed and rolled up sleeves to give the look more of  tough edge

I can't get enough of this look - I'm off to find the more tailored pair of trousers I can wear to team up with some dangerous stilettos.

What are your guys' thoughts on women in menswear?

Hope you're all well!
Speak soon,


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