Monday, 20 May 2013

So much has changed, down Memory Lane

So, I'm sorry I've abandoned my blog for so long!

I had my deadline last week, and after 3 year of work, needle related injuries, friendship, delirious induced laughter, tears and countless cups of coffee, I went in for the final day of my degree, and the day was a rollercoaster of emotions!
From feeling lost, to feeling excited to party, to the tiredness kicking in, and going out for a drink and a boogie and loving the freedom.

Throughout this year, I haven't really known for certain what my final collection would look like. Spending so long working on the same pieces, it can get a bit mundane at times, but when i finally put them all together, I truly felt proud of what I'd achieved and how far me and my work had moved on, developed and grown. 
Photoshoot: copyright and owned by Stelianour Sani Photography
This year has been the most challenging, and the best year I've had at uni, and after many late nights and early mornings, I finally got to celebrate the experience with my friends and people I've spent 3 years sharing it with.

Since my freedom has been restored, I've caught up with some programmes (I know I'm a bit late, but who thought Broadchurch was amazing?!), I went to watch a band that's an oldie but a goodie: McFly. I loved them when I was 13 years old, and being there made me feel like i didn't have a care in the world again, and I know their music may not be to everyone's taste, but they undeniably a brilliant live band and always put on a great show!
McFly: Memory Lane Tour @ Wembley Arena
 I've caught up and spent time with friends and family, and have more planned with these special people in my life. 
I've even sorted out my life for near future, as I got an offer and place on a postgraduate journalism degree at Sheffield uni! I'm so excited for a new city, new people and new experiences

Now I have a bit more time on my side, I'm looking forward to posting more regularly on here, with a lot of ideas lined up, and I hope you come along for the ride, and thank you to those who have stuck around while I've been sucked away by my deadline!
I've also have instagram now, so if you have do too, let's be buddies :)
Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,


  1. Your blog is amazing! I love, and I love your personal style! Keep blogging x

    1. Oh, thank you for such nice and encouraging words! x