Tuesday, 2 April 2013

It was acceptable in the 90s

In the U.K, there has been a programme on the t.v recently called 'The Big Reunion'. It has bands from the late 90s and early noughties, reuniting and performing their infectious hits, and growing up in that era, it's been a major dose of nostalgia for me, and I've been reminiscing back to my childhood, from the dungarees and crop tops, to the stompy, sing-a-long anthems. 
B*Witched: then(1998) & now(2013)
5ive: then(1997) & now(2013)
I think the 90s are definitely having some time in the fashion spotlight at the moment, and i have been loving it personally.
I've been mixing it up a bit though, with my own personal style now, crop tops with maxi skirts, dungarees with lace tops, and the other day, i did exactly this.

My housemate Michaela had a bit of a slumber party session and did my hair, weaving in some old-skool cornrows in my hair. 
I actually really loved them! Having had a blunt, full fringe for quite a while now, and I've loved having it, but I'm growing it out a bit for summer, and i really enjoyed having this change. 
Having cornrows on one side, this put in a deep side parting into my hair, with all the rest tumbling over down the other side.

To go with my textured braids, I wore a floral, bodycon dress. I love the bright coloured prints up against the rich, deep, navy blue background. 
I loved having this combination of fun hair, with a sophisticated dress, and i do usually try and have a mix of styles or sides of my personality show through in what i wear and how i present myself.

What do you think of this 90s revival? Are you reminiscing and singing along to 5ive, like me? Or curled up in a ball cringing at all?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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