Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Yesterday, I turned the wise and ripe age of 21!
At the weekend I spent it with my family, who truly are the best and most loving family I could have ever asked for.

As not all of us get together all that often, having them all come back to spend the day with me was brilliant enough, but they also threw me a surprise pirate party!
(my brother took some brilliant photos, but i have yet to copy them off them, but i'll update this post when i do!)
When i asked why pirate, I just got a response of why not?! We all had pirate hats and eye-patches  played pin the eye patch on the pirate, and i had treasure hunt planned out for me, with goodies for both my 21 year old self and my 5 year old nephew to find.

It was such a lovely and brilliant day, and I went back to uni, where i woke up to my 21st birthday.

My bonkers and amazing housemates surprised me with confetti, banners, tea and horrific but hilarious photos plastered around the house!
I then had an exciting day at uni where i got to experience my outfit being shot at my first ever photoshoot! I'm so happy with how it looks and how it's all turned out, and as we're all usually working on these pieces in the sewing room and don't get to see it all put together, it was such a boost for us to see the final result and is definitely spurring me on. Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, i can't post any photos yet :(

I then went out to dinner with some friends, and it was lovely to just spend some quality time with them, and a while back at home, i went for a birthday dinner with my friends from my hometown as well, and with us all away at uni, it was just brilliant to spend time with my amazing and caring friends, and just reiterated how that years later, how amazing all my still friends are :)
I really have had the best birthday, I've eaten so much yummy goodness that I'm surprised i haven't turned into a cake! i have so many people in my life who care about me, and support and love me, and i am so thankful for them. I am one happy, lucky, and truly spoilt birthday girl, and thank you to all of those who have sent birthday wishes, messages, cards and presents!

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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