Sunday, 3 April 2016

Month by Numbers: sporty & singing-filled Spring

7 favourites...

1.) This month, it's finally felt that Spring has well and truly sprung. Like actual birds chirping, still light when you leave work, warmth on your skin...SPRING! And I've celebrated with classes of champagne in the countryside and singing along to said cheerful birds like I'm an animated Disney princess.

2.) All these antics have been captured on Snapchat as well. I've been well into Snapchat since day 1 way back when I was still in uni, but it went off my radar for a bit. But now with filters galore, my Snapchat story gets updated more regularly than a daily vlogger's YouTube channel. Add me babes, you can find me over at Amylo92 - see ya thereeee

3.) And there's plenty to be Snapchatting about when there's trips to country manor houses in the sunshine with champagne to be had. I kinda have my own little routine and bubble in London, so I kinda forget there's so much that I haven't ventured out there and seen. Like, who would've thought that just down the Northern line, is this little slice of paradise?
4.) I'm not one for change and in the past haven't been great at pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This year I've been really trying to do that more though - trying new fitness classes, going to more events when offered. I'm just trying to say 'yes' to more things, even when I'm initially not that excited or sure about it, and my life's been a lot more fun and varied due to it!

5.) For someone who's least favourite Spice Girl back in the day was Sporty Spice, I've certainly been taking a lot of inspiration from Mel of late. Oh, how wrong my young self's Spice Girls judgement was. Boxing gloves, Adidas stripes and Nike Air Maxes. Who says style and comfort don't go hand in hand?

6.) Guys. It finally happened. After years or wishing and waiting, I finally got to see my queen, the goddess that is Adele, sing live. It was everything I thought it would be and more - I laughed, I (nearly) cried, I lost my voice and my mind. And she's not the only music I've been indulging in - I've been venturing into the world of modern choirs at Southbank, and I got to go to a Sofar Sounds in Dalston. If you're into discovering new music and artists, get signing up to Sofar Sounds - it's intimate, personal and make you fall in love with music all over again.

7.) This back end of this month has been a bit of a funny one. I've just not really felt like myself, and it's not because I'm ill. I've been unmotivated about life in general and don't really know what's up with me, and that stresses me out more that I can't pinpoint it. And as someone who's a constant optimist, I didn't quite know how to deal with it. But as I knew I would, I'm out at the woods on the other side now and back to my usual Powerpuff Girls-esque self. So no matter how bad things, it'll always work out in the end my loves.

5 tweets...
1.) Put an emoji in an email & my boss asked if I could only communicate via emojis from now - you don't know how much I want and can do that 👌🏼
2.) HOW have I just discovered Poutine?! It's chips, and cheese, and gravy...THAT'S ALL MY FAVE THINGS 😱
3.) No Facebook, I don't want to be friends with my ex's new girlfriend, so please don't suggest I add her as one.. Thanks. Sincerely, Amy 💔
4.) Excited to get home tonight because I'm going to ice some puns on some buns. Yup. That's the life I lead kids 🍰
5.) My flatmate the other day asked if I'd watched Mean Girls recently because I'd been quoting it a lot. Nop. That's just how I roll hun💁🏻

3 songs...
This little blank space used to be saved for 3 babein' outfits that I'd been reppin', but with a monthly rundown of my #OOTDs and general dressing up, it seemed a bit reptitive. And since I have a bit of a tendancy to get obsessed with songs and listening to them on repeat non stop, I've swapped this bit over for the earworms that have been invading my life recently.

1.) Troye Sivan - Youth

I remember watching this lil' munchkins vlogs years ago on YouTube, and now, he's got a full blown album and performing all over the world. I've had his album since I've been released and this song been out for a bit, but recently, I just can't get enough of it's drop and it's lyrics that make me want to sack everything in and run away into the sunset.

2.) Meghan Trainor - No

Yes, the lyrics are...quetionable. But this is dripping in 2002 vibes a la Britney Spears. So when Meghan says no, she actaully means 'YES THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE JAM AND YOU CAN'T HELP BUT SHAKE YOUR BUTT'

3.) Ariana Grande - Be Alright

If you're having a bit of a shit time of late like I was, take it from the sassy babe that is Ariana and know that everything will be alright.

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