Friday, 1 April 2016

March: pink-filled days & lovers haze

March means the beginning of Spring, which is perfect to wear ALL the fun clothes, including but not limited to dungarees with orange polka-dots, and, dungarees (yes, again - are you even suprised?) with metallic pink shoes.
Not that the weather or other seasons have stopped me from silly style before. You're talking to the girl who notoriously chooses fashion over function here.
But even when there's been drizzly days and gloomy moods, it's been consoled by the comfort of slouchy jumpsuits and kick-ass monochrome. CK straps AND Adidas stripes? Oh, I am being spoilt...
Who knew this Sport Spice would be making an appearance on here eh?
And when I do have to go into work and face being a real life, I can be safe in the knowledge of knowing that I actually can pull of being a real adult with a shirt on and everything. Well, apart from the laser gun phone case..
Let's face it though, we all know that a low-cut wrap around shirt covered in stars is much more my speed. Especially when covered with multiple necklaces and my hair dipped in candy cotton pink.
But whether it's stars or hearts splattered all over me, one thing's for sure. I'm a lover and not a fighter. A girl power choker dripping in 90s nostalgia, or a perfectly on-point pin reminding people: 'don't be a dick' should do the trick of letting you know that.
But if they haven't clued you up on how filled up with love I am as a person, then the amount of pink I own from nails to shoes and fluffy creature-d keyrings will. That colour is da bomb anyway.
If ever my Jigglypuff-esque gets trampled on by the weight of the world, then I just need to pop on my ice-cream coloured feather gilet, and fly away to the suburbs for a bit - revealing in the countryside and sauntering around old manors. 
 And if there's bubbly too? Well, that's just a bonus.

Oh and if you're in need for a quick fix of joy and happiness? Get yourself to a braid bar and get your hair done. 
You'll feel like a princess. And a sassy one at that.

Until next time,

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