Friday, 25 March 2016

11 things I get way too excited about now I'm an adult

I never thought I'd see the day that I get a sense of pride and relief over getting all of my ironing done, but sadly, the reality of that day has come everybody.

Yeah sure, hearing the twinkly tones of an ice-cream van and making it to a bar just in time for happy hour are still things that make my absolute day, but coming home to fresh bedding and fresh flowers are also now things in my life that make my heart flutter.

And that, my friends, is because with every day, I'm becoming more and more of an adult and apparently I get kicks from the tiny, silly things in life.

1.) Getting a new glasses prescription
Yes - you need to get your eyes tested where your opticians gets uncomfortably close in your personal space. Yes - you'll have to fork out for essentially some magnifying glasses. But my god, all of a sudden, you'll be seeing the world in HD vision. Well, until the next time your eyesight declines again.

2.) Bounding into a freshly made bed
If you're anything like me, you still won't know the best of most efficient way of putting your bedsheets onto your duvet but wrestling with your bedding will most definitely be worth it when you snuggle up at the end of the day and it feels like a warm marshmallow that smells like spring. 

3.) Enough to feed a small army
Gone are the days of dry pasta with whatever veg and sauce you had in your fridge. Cooking in bulk is now the norm, because as well having a banging dinner, you also want to have a lunch at work that's NOT a Pret sandwich, as well as a back-up meal in the freezer for when you work late and get home with no energy to even make a meal, nevermind whip up something a la Nigella.

4.) Fresh Flowers
Like Sweet Female Attitude once said: "I'll bring you flowers, in the pouring rain". A little pang of joy sets off in my heart whenever I'm cutting fresh flowers and have a variety of vases out ready to arrange them all in. They get dotted around the house and every time I walk past one of them, that pang of joy returns. I don't think more than 3 days have gone by without there being fresh flowers in my room, which is world away from when I smashed the pot of plastic flowers at uni.

5.) Tetris kitchen
There's just something about doing a big ol' food shop and having your fridge so well stocked that you have to slot everything in so it fits oh-so-perfectly. Content at it's finest.

6.) Pinterest as fuck
Yes I do have multiple pillows and cushions on my bed now, and some of them are (dare I say it) just for aesthetic purposes. Also, making my bed is the first thing I do now when I roll out of it, well, while the kettle's boiling for tea because who can even function before caffeine eh? YOU TELL ME WHO. I just want my space to look on point so when I see it, I know at least one small componant of my life to not be a mess.

7.)Clean & serene
Once upon a time there was a floordrobe living in my room 90% of the time. But oh how those times have changed - now if coats aren't hung up and clothes aren't folded away, I just can't sleep easy. 16-year-old Amy? You better believe it.

8.) Going green
I have a potted plants of different herbs on my windowsill ok. Not only do they look cute but boy, do that pack a punchful of flavour to my meals. It's all about being functional kiddos.

9.) Stuff in jars
You can take your packaging and recycle those bad boys because I, my friend, have got multiple containers, jars and bottles to decanter all your sauces, your pastas and your oats into. You want thingamabobs? I've got plenty of 'em.

10.) Fold it up
I'll hold my hands up and admit that I've spent more than one Friday night in going through my pile of laungry, ironing it, and folding it into one neat and concise pile. And for a gal that used to hate ironing so much that she ended up eating food on her ironing board instead of actually, y'know, ironing on it - I'd say this was a pretty big turnaround don't you?

11.) Walkies?

They're not just for your four-legged furry friends! Honestly, can you beat a long ol' walk to...NOWHERE of a Sunday afternoon with your rabble of a family or friends? After stuffing yoruself with a massive Sunday roast that is of course. No destination to get to. No time period to finish by. Just wandering aimlessly in the outdoors. Music to my ears that.

And you know what? Even though most of the time you feel like you haven't got a clue what's going on and just like a big kid in disguise just winging it as and adult, it's these little things that make you realise that actually, you've kinda got it down kiddo.

Until next time,

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