Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Full-on February

February fashion was full-on. And by that, I mean that I wore a 90s Britney Spears-esque pink crop top, paired with a baby blue mini skirt and topped off with a lilac coat for my first day of a new job. Basically, an ice-cream sundae.
Oh, and metallic, multi-coloured pom-pom shoes....start as I meant to go on right? 

Not surprising really when I own accessories such as a heart-shaped 'Don't be a dick' pin badge, a furry Bambi skirt (complete with bunny mug, naturally), and an extra pair of fluffball footwear. A girl can never have too many pom-poms y'know?
I mean....this sweatshirt is full-on in just a whole different way...
I love it. And I hate that I love it. (Don't judge me k)
Oh, Baron Von Trap, how I love you and your sassy rhymes and pun-tastic slogans.

Never fear though, Kenzo Paris is here to save the day with it's ditsy, cute prints of New York and Paris, and knitted, pastel portraits of Les Mis.
Even Parisian chic stripes can't just be left at that it seems. Yet more pom-poms on my feet and a big ol' Pink Ladies worthy coat to ruin it all. Or improve it. However you want to see it really babes.
Even when I put away the pastels (which, to be honest, isn't very honest) - it can't just be black and chic and simple can it?
Noooo, I have to wear an & Other Stories dress with animals and envelopes all over it, and borrow a top off Dennis the Menace to wear underneath my dungaree dress.

But I somehow manage to redeem myself with deep plunging 70s dresses, black fedoras and high necklines.
I even managed to look somewhat - dare I say it - cool? A big ol' shearling denim jacket overa cropped khaki halterneck and black midi skirt. I've even got a hun in! Who do I think I am!
Stop it now...I even got put some hoops in and the halter top has a chain fastening. Someone stop me. Who knew I had it in me eh?

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