Thursday, 3 December 2015

Month by Numbers: brunch, birthdays & babes

You know when I decided to do weekly favourites? Yeah, well, who was I kidding - we all know that I was gonna fall behind on that so let's start afresh and turn this into a monthly thing yeah? Because, you know, life and shit like that tends to get in the way.

7 favourites..
1.) I've been counting down the hours until it was December 1st and I could whack out ALL the Christmas jumpers and put Mariah Carey on full blast, but that did mean that I had to say bye to a homely November that was filled with wintery frolics and old-school memories.

2.) One of the highlights of the whole month, was when I went to brunch. Yes. A meal was a highlight of mine and I'll tell you for why - it had been in the diary for about 3 months, it was with 3 of my dearest friends from Uni and it was at an absolute dreamy, tropical, palace. We went to Bourne & Hollingsworth near Farringdon and many a yummy treat were had: cripsy potato hash, bacon, maple syrup, french toast, salon, hollandaise sauce, and of course, bottomless bellinis. It was such a lovely day of chatting and wondering around the festive lights of London and it felt like no time had gone since we finished Uni together 3 years ago.

3.) And Uni friends aren't the only ones I've been catching up with as it was my 5-year school reunion and it was weird and wonderful all at the same time to walk back through those school days and share a glass of wine with the teachers that used to tell me to stop chatting so much in class. What it really made me realised is that everyone has taken so very different paths in their lives and you know what? Everyone's just happy for everyone and no-one's judging one another for what they have or haven't done - you do you babes, you're doing fab.
4.) Ok, so I know it's only just turned December BUT I've had the festive spirit bubbling under me for a while now, so it's hardly surprising that before the festive month had even arrived, I'd already indulged in twinkly lights, the Coca-Cola truck, and eggnog cocktails while roasting marshmallows in front of an open fire on a rooftop Wig Wam bar.

5.) And with friends, comes family, and this month saw the 3rd birthday of the youngest munchkin in the Lo family and as my nephew ran around with excitement ripping open presents, I fully indulged in some priceless Lo family time (as well as eating all the jelly and ice-cream on offer of course)

6.) But it's not just birthdays that means loads of Lo love. I spent a whole week fulfilling Aunty Amy duties. In case you don't know what that entails, it means drawing ice-cream shops, giving piggy-back rides, watching cartoons and playing hide-and-seek (which can prove to be rather difficult when you're a grown adult and the only places you can really hide is behind doors and the side of beds.)

7.) The soundtrack of my November has mainly consisted of 3 albums: Adele, Justin Bieber and Tame Impala. And lucky me is going to see one of them next year! (Can you guess which one?)

5 tweets...
1.) Honestly, one of my worst traits EVER is video snapchatting when I'm out and drunk...
2.) Oh GOD I've got a sore throat. This is it guys. This is the beginning of the end. Crack open the Lemsip and blankets.
3.) The past 2 weeks have been pretty indulgent in terms of calories, alcohol & my bank account. Oops.  #winterbulking
4.) Can't stop eating gherkins today. Gross but delicious (story of my life)
5.) Listening to #Adele25 and I keep staring meaningfully out of the window as I travel through London

3 outfits...
tshirt:Topshop, skirt:Topshop, boots:Daisy Street, coat:Missguided, sunglasses:RayBans
Even when you're a 23-year-old adult, you can put on a t-shirt that Lizzie McGuire would've worn and a long ol' shearling coat that looks like it came out of a S Club 7 Christmas music video to take on the day. Over the knee boots and wrap around icy blue skirt are perfect to make this into an ice princess outfit (grey dip-dye hair and fits of giggles optional)
LEFT- jumper:& Other Stories, skirt:Topshop RIGHT- dress:Topshop, boots:ASOS
Winter also means the time for jumpers, and what better knitwear to snuggle up in that a navy blue number with gold stars - I'd fit right in with a Christmas nativity don't you think? Paired with a furry leopard print mini skirt and a high ponytail and you've got yourself a pretty sassy ensemble.

Not quite as sassy as channeling your inner Posh Spice though in a cheeky cut-away LBD and black over the knee boots. Hi-Ce-Ya, hold tight!

Until next time,

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