Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Icy November

Oh winter - you can be such a cruel and icy mistress, but dya know what? It does mean that I get to wrap up in a long ol' camel shearling coat that makes me feel like I'm in a 90s pop music video. And just to complete the throwback look, a slogan t-shirt that has 'trouble' scribbled inside a heart should do the trick.
It's no suprise that the weather hasn't deterred me from my love of all things pastel, cus y'know, the cold never bothered me anyway (sorry, not sorry). And you know what the best thing is when you wear all the pale colours under the sun in the winter?
You feel like a sassy lil' ice princess with your grey hair, frosted lippy and kick-ass over knee boots. (Can I add sassy ice queen to my CV please?)

If taking inspiration from from Disney princess Elsa isn't enough, then what about Brigitte Bardot? 
A zipped-up little cord number with some slinky 70s boots will make you feel suitably old-school, in the best way possible.
Or a laced-up knit with a trusty golden chained belt will do a similar job - the choice is yours! (oh don't I spoil ya?)

And of course, it wouldn't be winter without some festive knitwear now would it? Am UBER-cozy jumper with gold stars should do the trick, especially when teamed with a leopard print fuzzy mini-skirt and a big ol' high pony tail that would give Ariana Grande a run for her money.
Bit jazzy? Well, if all those patterns and prints are just a bit too jazzy for you liking, then it's time to take things down a notch with an all black ensemble, complete with sheer stripes and a deep side-parting. 
 Don't worry though - the underwear may be black, but it's still sparkly as a Disney festive parade.

And if all else fails, take a leaf out of your girl Posh Spice's book and go for a trusty LBD - i've gone for a scalloped edge and cut out number - and some high black boots wouldn't go amiss either.
 And why stop at going out ensembles when it comes to going back to black. A pair of ripped jeans and a tile printed polo neck will do the trick for any lazy weekend - and with a pair of sassy snakeskin boots and a Tracey Emin book on hand too, your inner Alexa Chung can sleep easy tonight.
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