Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Week by Numbers: Milan, munchkins and manic

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I've had a week off from work and my god, was it needed and oh-so-heavenly. I lied-in. I wasn't rushing around stabbing mascara in my eye while trying to get ready in the morning. I got to chit-chat about nonsense without worrying what else on my to-do list needs to be done. It's been absolute bliss.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, can you even Adam-and-Eve it that it's now September?! Madness. Kids are heading back to school. Leaves are falling off leaves. I've even whipped out the tights out for regular wear again. Summer is well and truly on the way out and I'm not sure if I'm quite ok with that.
1.) So here's a glimpse of what August and the last glimpse of summer looked like for me through the lens of my camera and iPhone. Prepare for lots of shots of drinks in the sunshine and general larks.

2.) You know that week off from work that I took? What exotic location did I head to I hear you cry! Stoke. Stoke-on-Trent. And honestly I've never felt more happy to be back at home. Three months ago I moved permanently to London and as much as I absolutely love living here, the past few weeks I felt waves of being homesick and just missing my family. So when I got back home and my 2-year-old nephew ran throttle up to me and hugged me so much and wouldn't let go, my god, did my little heart flutter. I shared drinks with my dad, hugs with my mum, laughs with my siblings and cute moments ahoy with my nephew and nieces, as well as catch up with my childhood friends. It never feels like much has changed even when people have been away for months, but it's odd to see this group of people who I used to hang out in the common room and mess about on the school field with, now all being legit functioning adults with jobs and houses and shit. Life huh.

3.) Ah, but if you think Stoke is the only exhilarating place my lil tush was heading to then oh boy are you wrong. Cus ladies and gents, I was heading to the chic city of Milan! But of course, being the ditsy fool that is me, it couldn't just be a smooth ride to the airport could it? Oh no. So, I was flying from Birmingham and went there a day early to go stay at my brothers' and spend some quality time being Aunty Amy. But being someone who flaps about and gets flummoxed when under pressure, when there's a line of people waiting for you to get off the train and you've got not one, but TWO suitcases to take off with you, of course you end up taking someone else's suitcase that's identical to yours and don't realise it's not yours until 10pm... What follows is some serious detective skills via social media and a drive down to Reading at 11pm for a suitcase exchange. Drama, drama, drama.

4.) But reunited with my mini-Milan capsule wardrobe of a suitcase, me and my friend Rosie (You go Glen RoRo as I yell at her a lot) headed to Milan and after an evening of carbs and champagne, we rested our weary heads, ready for our first proper day, where we got turned away from Duomo Cathedral for having too much skin on show - opps -which Rosie also commented on me looking like a Spice Girls Bratz Doll. Standard then. (Note to self - always pack a shawl on holiday) 

5.) So we took ourselves to Bar Luce, which my pastel-colour-obsessed soul had been dreaming of since I found out that Wes Anderson himself had designed the candy-coloured wonderland. And it did not disappoint. From the waiter's aprons and the jukebox, to the menus and decor, it was like stepping straight into the world of Mr.Anderson and me and my glittery Miu Miu sunglasses didn't want to leave.

6.) Milan surprised me in that what I thought was going to be pretty city-esque, was actually dripping in culture and I felt like I had be taken back in time somewhat - in a really nice way. But just hopping on a train for a hour, we found ourselves at Lake Como and MY GOD. What a flipping view. I couldn't stop the profanities coming out of my mouth over how breathtaking the scenery was. And as I sat in the 30 degree Italian sun, dipping my feet in the water, hearing the sound of the lapping waves and sipped on my beer, I was plotting my plan on how to move and live in Italy.

7.) After a day floating on the waves of Lake Como, we headed to the theatre to watch a symphony - which we decided to treat ourselves to tickets to because...when in Milan (insert sassy girl emoji) And on our last day in the city, we FINALLY tackled Duomo cathedral, covered up (and sweating in the heat mind), but holy moly was it worth it. Climbing to the rooftops of the cathedral - which is beautiful, exquisite and every other word you could use to describe the marble masterpiece - and you could look down over the landscape of the city...I kind of just took a moment and contemplated how momentous the history of it was and how insignificant I was as a single human being in the scheme of things. Pretentious rambling over.

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"Brother walked in the kitchen as I was lighting candles on his bday cake. Panicked & did star jumps while shouting 'DIVERSION' repeatedly "
"Too much Chinese food & no yoga every day being back at home has made my body go all doolally. Ouff. Downward facing dog - come & get me "
"Never been through the security gates at an airport without it beeping. That's what you get for dressing in ornaments all the time "

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 Milan bought out the best of my wardrobe, despite me melting every time I merely put underwear on.
When you're walking home in the streets of Italy with a gelato in your hand, and your friend says you look like Sandy from Grease in your floral midi skirt and ponytail complete with pink, sequinned oversized bow. Well, that's just a life goal complete isn't it?

Until next time...
Stay happy!

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