Monday, 13 July 2015

Week by Numbers: scribbles, slides & Scandinavian flatpack

This week I've been hammering nails, taking care of shiny new piercings and getting even more awkward tan lines.

7 favourites...
1.) I love ASOS more than your average 20-something year old, but there's just something about going into a vintage shop and getting lost in hidden gems and treasures. You find stuff you never thought you'd wear, which is exactly what I found in a flower-embroidered Western style shirt. And you also find cheaper alternatives to popular pieces, like this dungaree-skirt which not only was a steal but I also love it has little touches that makes it unique to other on the high street. Like the little embroidered 'B' and the multitude of pockets. If you have enough dungarees to wear a different pair for every day of the week, does that mean you have too many...?

2.) While on the denim train, I found this beauty of a denim jacket on sale at Levi's. I practically live in my dark denim jacket in the summer, and have been on the hunt for a light denim one for a while and I love the sewn on phrase on the back of this is varying hues of blue. And did you know at certain stores you can get your denim baby tailored and customised? Which is exactly what I did by picking out some additional patches to get put on. There were skulls and vintage rock 'n' roll ones to pick from, but of course I choose hearts. Typical.

3.) From looking at me, you probably wouldn't think I'm very hand-ons gal, and that boys and girls, is why you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover! There's something very satisfying and methodical about DIY and seeing something come together right in front of your very eyes. And then there's the whole taking out your frustration by hitting nails situation...

4.) Friday I got let off work a little bit early - yay! - and had to pop into central London to run some errands, and while there, I thought I'd pop into one of my favourite stores for a little mooch. Libertys. I always love their flower stall and decided to treat myself when I saw some daisies. They were a steal at £2 and they may not be much, but it instantly made me feel happier and every time I see them in my room they make me smile. Sometimes, the smallest things you treat yourselves to can make the biggest difference.

5.) Two of my friends from the two different unis I went to came to visit me this weekend for some fun and games, and of course, one needs energy to participate in said fun and games. And what better way to do so than going for brunch. A hearty BLT sandwich on extra crunchy potato bread, drizzled with garlic butter was EVERYTHING. We went to Canvas which is a cafe in Shoreditch which I love - there's great food, great atmosphere and you can draw on the walls. What more could you ask for?

6.) Oh, and said fun and games that took place included the Decision exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. It was bonkers, bizarre and brilliant. With lots of interactive elements, you'll have no problems getting stuck in straight away. I mean, how could you not when there's you the exhibition via tunnel and leave it via a slide? Oh, and there's upside-down glasses to make you look like a fool too. 

7.) This song by John Newman makes me want have this blasting while I zoom across the countryside in a convertible with the roof down. But since I don't own a convert able, I'll just stick with skipping along the pavement with this in my headphones.

3 tweets...
"Parents are in London & I've gained 2 new piercings since I last saw them. At least I've now got 8, which is lucky in Chinese culture..."
"@george_ezra TOP advice today - what should I have for dinner?  Cheers"
(to which he responded: "Something simple, it's summer! Eat it with the window open and I'd like a risotto if you're asking x" Like I said, top advice) 
"Just mumbled 'can we have 2 extra buns please' with a mouth full of crispy belly pork. The phrase 'you are what you eat' comes to mind "

1 outfit...
shirt:Mango, jeans:ASOS, shoes:ASOS, hat:Topshop
This shirt is a little bit jazzy (name that reference!) with it's 2002 Joss Stone vibes and metallic thread shimmering through it but oh I love it so! It's a bit outside of my usual wardrobe vibe and I think that's what makes me love it even more. Teamed with ripped black jeans, tortoiseshell wedges and a feather-trimmed hat, you would have never thought it was pastel-loving, skirt-twirling me standing in front of the mirror eh? 

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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