Monday, 6 July 2015

Juicy June

June FINALLY saw the start of summer. Like, actual summer with sunshine and warmth, as opposed to British summer with grey skies and temperamental rain…

So what better way to kick start the summer then showing off your (slight) tan that you’ve caught while walking on your commute, than with some bright whites. Got to emphasise it somehow right?
Wimbledon anyone?

Or, you could go all tropical with a rainforest printed kimono and crocheted halter neck top. Oh, and trusty Levi shorts. But careful, there’s a danger you may end up looking like you could be heading to a holiday in Mykonos, rather than your office for work...
But fear not! Even at work, when there's a tropical summer party to go to where the cocktails have flower petals in there, you know you'll be fine turning up in a flowery dress. Complete with flower necklace of course.
And there’s not many more colours out there that are more tropical than a bright orange. Zesty, no? And if that’s not enough to fulfil your summer soul, if said item is crocheted, strapless and paired with some pigtail plaits – that should do the trick.
If all the bright colours are hurting your eyes and brain though, let’s tone it all down with some monochrome scribbled honey bunny (insert blowing kiss emoji face). But sorry, had to slip in a lime yellow skirt in there too.
If monochrome’s not your bag, how about injecting some nautical royal blue into the mix. With all these Parsian-esque stripes, it’s all of a sudden looking awfully more chic round here… WHAT’S HAPPENED AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL AMY?
Oh wait. Phew - don't worry. Panic over. Order restored. A hot dog sweatshirt with Mark Ronson reference (Too hot? Hot damn!) Pom-pom plimsolls and a milk carton handbag will restore any whimsy and ridiculous-ness into your life. At least sketched, floral trousers are sensible, right?
Sketches and inked scribbled not your thing? How about an equally as chaotic kaleidoscope of pastel colours? Complete with a deep plunge and tasselled heels of course.
Now, by all intensive purposes, sensible stripes and a suede skirt should be a pretty cool and chic paring right? Nop. If you're me, you end up throwing in some denim and ribbon wrapped round a plait, and result in looking like a babysitter our of a 90s children’s picture book.
Or go full-on babysitter mode with dungarees (you know how much i love those suckers). And like a magpie, can't keep away from the holographic sandals for long, and be still my beating heart. ROSE GOLD buckles.
And what activities from a babysitters do while doing said babysitting? Play with temporary tattoos and unicorn stamps obviously.
Shame I’m not a 16-year-old babysitter out of an American teen movie, but actually a 23-year-old working adult…

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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