Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Week by Numbers: New Cross, new flat, new friends

It literally feels like yesterday that I was excited about the arrival of June and therefore summer. And now, in the blink of an eye, it’s July, and I can’t think of the last time I wasn’t uncomfortably hot.

7 favourites...
1.) But before this month sneakily flies straight past us, here’s my June full of sing-a-longs and golf

2.) One of the best things about living in London is that there’s an endless list of ridiculous, fun and niches things right on your doorstep. And one of those things that I went to last week was Alice’s Adventures Underground. With the C.S Lewis series being quite a beloved favourite of mine, it was an absolutely incredible experience to not only see but take part in Les Enfants Terribles adaptation of it. I was in hysterics, felt awkward, a bit emotional and got completely got lost in the world of Wonderland. From walking through a tunnel made of books, issued the role as the 3 of diamonds, and being the first to be whisked away behind a disappearing door, to reading out a riddle and making egg puns to Humpty Dumpty, wearing the mad hatter’s hat at an un-birthday tea party and seasoning a man with a string of garlic (yes really) – it was a magical experience and the best £35 I’ve spent all year. Truly, you NEED to go and experience it for yourself. You'll fall straight into the rabbit hole of whimsy.
3.) Boys and girls - pop open the Champagne, roll out the red carpet, call out the fanfare - I'm moved into my new flat! AND IT'S FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I could not love the place or the people more. And now, this is a different flat that I spoke of before with the Taylor Swift cardboard cut-out. As nice as that was, through a odd turn of events, I've ended up moving in with someone I knew a bit from school in South East London. The flat is gorgeous, there's loads of space, I don't feel like I"m going to be mugged when I'm walking home, the commute to work is a breeze and the rent is not extortionate can you believe it? I finally feel at home in London and although there's still a thing of two I'm still waiting for from Mr.Ikea, my room feels like a colourful haven at the end of the day. I was lying on my bed one of the first few nights I was here, looked at the window, saw the beautiful sunset (which seems to happen everyday!) and just felt so goddamn happy and content, as soppy as that is.

4.) Oh! And part of the reason why I love where I am so much are the girls! Bryony- who was in the year above me when I was in 6th form - and Katie are both absolute dolls. We all felt like home as opposed to just a house, straight away. And if the first week living together is anything to go by, I can't wait for the rest of the time in 18B!

5.) One of the first things I did as a flat with these girls was go to Pride last weekend. Not only was it a ton of fun in the sun, but it was also so touching, poignant and up-lifting. Love For All. That's all there is to it and we've come SUCH a long way and made such a change towards that but we still so much more to do.

6.) In case you live under a rock and haven't heard, there's been a heatwave going on in the UK and people are lives are melting. Seriously people, it's been 33 degrees! That just DOENS'T happen over here! When I'm on the train back home after work jam-packed in with other commuters, with sweat literally dripping down my face and want to chop my hair off so it doesn't stick my every inch of my skin - I hate it. But apart from that, I love it! I and everyone else just seems happier (and constantly drunk...) so I'm keeping my complaints to a minimum in case I jinx it...

7.) I've liked Years & Years ever since I found out about them, but there's something about Shine that is so unapologetically romantic and makes my heart swoon. The only way I can describe it is as a bunch of lights twinkling when I listening to it. Pretty apt given the name really. It's been on repeat endlessly and Olly's voice is heavenly in it. 

3 thoughts tweets...
"Smelling of sun screen & happiness today - yeah buddyyyy 🏼"
"Ending your Saturday with a bit of a tan and with glitter in your pigtails? Must've been #Pride2015! "
"I have an alluring addiction to alliteration"

1 outfit...
dress:Topshop, necklace:boutique, sunglasses:vintage
When there's a heatwave going on and you can't think of anything worse than putting clothes one, but that's not a socially acceptable option, then a strapless dress is your next best bet. Especially when it's bright orangefor all the summer vibes. But then, you think you might put some pigtail plaits in your hair a la Alexa Chung - she looks chic and great in them right? Ah, but that's the power of the Chung-meister. Because when you do it, you end up looking like Pocahontas...

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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