Saturday, 12 October 2013


Life's been a little but hectic since I've moved to Sheffield. A new city and new course has made time just absolutely fly by! The course is great too but just a lot of work, but thankfully, I've also got some new housemates and friends who are great and I get on with brilliantly :) So I'm sorry my blgging's been a bit on the quiet side! Instead if leaving it high and dry, here's a little update of late via my instagrammed life:
1.) went for a morning tea at Emma Bridgewater with my mum and this polka dot aga is now on my wishlist for my future dream home 
2.) fell head over heels in love for Christopher Bailey's SS'14 collection for Burberry 
3.) I got my craft on and added some sparkle to my Vans trainers 
4.) spots and stripes feeling like a liquorice all-sort
5.) crammed into the car ready to move up to Sheffield 
6.) spending some quality time with my gorgeous nephew 
7.) having some scrummy dim-sum with the family 
8.) settling into my new room with some pretty lights and photos of friends and family 
9.) falling in love with the city of Sheffield 
10.) a killer salad I made for dinner of bacon, chicken and avocado 
11.) unwinding after a day jam-packed of lectures with Breaking Bad, hoc late and a trusty cuppa 
12.) shorthand is taking over my life 
13.) being a fresher for the 4th time 
14.) having after-uni cocktails with Kim 
15.) flat 29C together for a night out for Imogen's birthday 
16.) loving the graffiti at my new local vintage shop

I'm hoping I'll get a bit more time to go back to regular blogging when everything settles down a little and I get a better grasp on my course.

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon, 

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