Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Ample of sequins in April

April marked the month of my 25th birthday and I danced into like I was a rainbow disco queen.
If you can't wear a obnoxious mermaid number on your birthday, then when can you eh?

And it seems like turning a quarter of a century hasn't done much for my maturity.
The moving-sequin tops are still out in full force, and received an array or ridiculous and amazing gifts. Seashell sippy cups for when I'm thirsty, unicorn and leopard print bags for all my silly belongings, and Jem and the Hologram worthy skirts for dancing through the galaxy.

And when a girl gets such amazing things, you really can't complain. Especially when you're wearing a Brighton stick of rock version of a dress.

Once you go striped you can't go back. So a pastel-toned strappy number reminiscent of That 70s Show should just about do the trick. Perfect paired with denim up top or down bottom,

Or let's speed things out to the 80s and do everything a bit Stevie Nicks with a kimono. And with the temperate starting to hot up, things tend to get a bit tropical and the crop tops tend to creep up.

But hey, we're in England. Things don't ever stay hot for too long. So palm trees tone down to pretty florals and toucans when the weather tones down too. 

Until next time,


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