Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Life in plastic, It's fantastic!

Barbie's looking pretty hot for a 55-year-old.
Images: Mattel, Elle UK, Wildfox, Instagram
And she's taking the fashion world be storm recently.
She's been around since 1959, and has been a glamorous gal ever since, whether that's in a LBD or a shiny leotard to work out in.
She's got so many style credentials, that there's a whole display dedicated to her and her many different looks at the infamous New York toy store, FAO Shwarz.
From a pretty ballerina to a sassy Vegas girl, Barbie's changed a lot of looks throughout the years that we could only ever dream of, and even has her own miniature versions of Louboutins! (seriously though, can we wear that Tiffany blue ball-gown to work..please?)

And it's not just her looks, but her influence in popular culture that has evolved too. From being accused of creating unrealistic views of the female body that will influence young girls, and accused of objectifying, she's released a campaign this year encouraging girls to be whoever they want to be. Not to get too deep, but surely, with all the endless careers that Barbie's had over the years (how did she manage to get so many qualifications under her pretty, pink belt?) surely, that makes her more of a feminist than anyone thought she could be? 
But back in fashion-land, back in the summer of 2010, Wildfox gave their own spin on all of the many personas of our favourite blonde beauty. Less elegant Swan Lake, more tumbling over while tipsy - much more funny (and realistic) if you ask me!
But this summer, the comfy brand made of Califronian dreams, was back, but this time, Barbie had grown up. With dreamy pastel shades and their infamous slogan sweatshirts, this is a Barbie collection I can get on board with - shotgun on the 'I Love Ken' top!
And it's not just Wildfox that's noticed this lil Miss.Miniature, but she also now has her own Instagram account dedicated just to her style, and it's pretty damn fabulous. 
Filled to the brim with outfit posts and fashion designers and icons aplenty - if you want to have a daily dose of cute and chic, then Barbie's your gal! But Jeremy Scott has even styled her in her own mini Moschino t-shirt, and now Milan Fashion Week has happened, it's become more clear as to why....
Jeremy Scott's collection fro Moschino was basically an Ode to Barbie!
Now I know that this isn't going to be everyone bag, and I'm not suggesting that you go out dressed in a pink 2-piece, roller-skating down the street (although, I do own a pair of roller-skates myself...that light up...)

But that's what great about the world of fashion: there's something from everyone. There's gonna be someone out there who's dying at the sight of this collection, and there's someone out there who just want to take away that 80's-inspired dress from it, which is more wearable, and then there's going to be those who hate it and think it's ghastly. But the thing is, it's just a bucket load of fun! And whatever's wrong with that?! In a world of adult decisions (bills, yawn) and depressing news, surely we can all indulge in some flirty fun - it is fashion after all, not a PhD in Quantum Physics!

What do you think of all this pink power that Barbie has brought into our lives? Do you love her, or hate her?

Stay sassy & happy!

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