Thursday, 15 September 2016

Alright there August?

August has been busy with a capital 'B', but that's not a problem when you've got bright and breezy pyjamas to chill out and recharge your batteries in. Whether they be laced with pom-poms all along the edge or printed with punchy pineapples, you're no doubt in for a lazy Sunday. 
And why so busy you ask? (you probably didn't ask that really) Well, let me tell you anyway boys and girls.
Technically at the very back end of July, but overlapping into August, one of my dearest, closest and loveliest people I know, got married.
I love a wedding. Any excuse to drink, be happy and dress up am I right? So i put on my brightest and boldest maxi dress and snazziest, metallic dancing shoes on for the big day ahead. But c'mon, we all know I can't do sensible and sophiscated all the way, hence the chill pill bag. Very on-brand.
But when I'm not crying tears of happiness over my friends saying 'I do', you won't be that suprised to know that you'll often find me in a pair of dungarees, or something with straps that I'm buckled up in.
Suede, green, chiffon, pink - it's got it all! 

See. Dungarees aren't just for 5-year-olds. Neither is Barbie - don't believe me?
For once in the UK, the summer has actually felt like, well, summer! But with the summer heat PLUS the tube, all clothes have to be floaty please.

That includes strapless pink dresses that make you feel like a pretty pig...
...pleated gold collutes that even MC Hammer would be jealous of, and silky flared pants that are so jazzy that you feel a bit like Princess Jazz-mine.
And if you happen to head to the beach, why not dress like a piece of Brighton rock to fit in?
or some simples stripes will do. And when I say 'simple' I mean the mullet version of the skirt word, paired with an equally as simplistic sheer, sparkly shirt with a sassy slogan. 
Even though, hot damn, it's summer in the city (5 points if you get that reference), I still like to be one with nature with cactus on a pair of prickly pants. Oh, and lace and florals? A match-made in heaven surely.
Or step into the jungle, with some leopard print - whether that be in the normal or snow variety. And you know there's fun and games don't you know? Games that belong on a Sega Megadrive, worthy of a Sega Megababe. 

At times, life gets so dreamy that you want to wear an equally as dreamy marbled shirt.
Not everything's been rosy though, but when times are tough, you put your gold crown and put your game face on like a Queen because it'll all be fine in the end. Because it always is.

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