Thursday, 23 June 2016

Oh hey May!

I'm so late on this, July is creeping up and May seems like a lifetime ago - I guess that's when you know life's been good to you eh? Oh that you're just getting old and time's going by quick like a motherfucker. Yep. It's probably that.

But the thing is, when you're living that adult life, and you become ill. You can't really just stay in bed and have a Parks and Rec marathon (as much as you'd like to). Instead, you have your eyeliner on point, hop yourself up on medicinal drugs, and put your pink jumpsuit on to stride into work.
It's what the doctor would've prescribed anyway no doubt.

But don't worry! Adult life also mean fun things like first dates where you get to whip out your sassy disco pants and star-printed wraparound top that is just a little out of this world.
Oh, and also not so fun things like waking in horrifically hungover in last night's dungarees. When all you were planning was a quikc pint or two down at the pub...
Pom poms, badges, and 90s basketball jerseys?
See. I told you. ADULT.

But don't worry. I tackle the important issues as well, like girl power and sarcastic slogans. Both of which are actually two very impotant pillars in my life.
But enough of all this serious adult malarky - when it comes to the weekend, surely it's playtime? And I hear Club Tropicana does 2 for 1 mojitos, so imma head over there in some slouchy striped trousers perfect for busting out the dance moves, with a tropical crop top to boot. And let's throw in a braided faux-mohawk in for good measure eh? Yeah, why not!
Ah, and let's not bypass my new obsessed with Puma. I'm a Nike girl through and through but tropical ptints and rose gold lettering? Well, can could I say no eh?
And when all's said and done, you just can't beat a denim jacket to get you through the...let's say tempermental British summer weather. Emblazoned with ombred embroiderary and topped off with stripes on your bum and sparkles on your bow - that's enough to get you through the Endless summer.

Until next time...

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