Sunday, 12 June 2016

Month by Numbers: booze, broken & braids

7 favourites...
1.) Guys. We're like, halfway through the year. How the flippity-flip did that happen?! May was pretty fab and also hilariously disastrously. As this year goes on and on, I'm finding it more and more brilliant - from the cringe drunken events, the casual family catch ups, to the dirty dancing. More please 2016, you're doing splendid so far. 

2.) And one particular nice thing that happened this month is I went on a first date. Now, I've had enough first dates in my life to know a lot of the time, they're just that and never blossom into anything more. But when I was whisked away to probably one of the most fun first dates I've ever had (in the top 5 for sure at least), well, I thought if it doesn't turn into anything, at least there was this fab first date. And what was this amazing first date I hear you cry? Rooftop drinks with champagne? A hot air balloon ride? 5 star dinner in Mayfair? Nop. He took me to play old school arcade games in Peckham. We shot baddies and made a bad-ass team. Growing up with 2 older brothers means I have a soft spot for all things gaming and when I walked into this gaming bar, my geeky lil heart did a lil flutter. And the best thing is? Things have been going really well since then! 1UP in my love life kids.

3.) This month, booze has gotten the better of me. Just when I thought I had a handle on it and I would never get bested by it again like i did in my younger years, alcohol thought 'oh no you don't'. Fast forward to me walking home at 5am after the sun has risen after a night of 90s RnB and killer dance moves. Or, waking up in your dungarees with last night's make-up and contacts (I know, naughty) after you had to be hauled home by your flatmate as you were hugging the pub toilet like a 17 year old's first time drinking.

4.) I've had an iPhone for about 3 years, and thankfully have somehow escaped the dreaded cracked screen, and was feeling quite smug about it, partifucarly since I'm a clumsy lil cookie. UNTIL NOW. After a clean run for 3 years, in the space of a week, I dropped my phone, smashed the screen, then did the cliche of dropping it in the toilet. That'll teach me to be smug.

5.) I live in the amazing city of London, and so often, I just do my daily thing of going to work, going to the same bars and same places. And as much as love those locals that I've collated over time, it's been quite nice to do all the stereotypical things that you do in London, like giving my thighs a workout by climbing approximately 359 stairs (not even joking) up to the top of St.Paul's cathedral.

6.) For some reason, my default of late seems to have been whipping up a whole roast dinner when I'm hungover on a Sunday. I don't know what it is - maybe I just want to feel productive and wholesome after a night drunken debauchery. Maybe all I want is to devour Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and gravy but with no parents there to feel sorry for me, I'll just have to make it myself. Whatever it is, I think it might be my flatmates new favourite thing.

7.) I'm all about the braids these days. Even before that Kardashian Klan were posting boxer braids all over Instagram, I was rocking plaited pigtails on the regular. And i'm getting more and more adventurous and the other day I managed to whip up a faux-mohawk down the centre of my hair and I could not have felt more like Gwen Stefani (let's face it, it's the closest I'm ever gonna get) 

5 tweets...
1.) Wrote a piece at work and got asked if I could help find a pic of cupid for it. My response: 'Yeah I'll look for cupid - story of my life' 💘

2.) Sweated so much at boxing earlier that I had to wring actual sweat out of my pigtails. Never been more impressed & disgusted at myself 💦

3.) Someone last night described my voice as northern & sexy haha. Glad to know that's the bran I'm representing down in London✌😘

4.) This is the 1st weekend in months that isn't jam-packed with plans. I've watched 2 hrs of make-up vids. I don't do 'doing nothing' v.well...

5.) I'm ill & got a date tomorrow. WILLING myself to be better asap w/green juice & a pink jumpsuit. That's what a doctor would prescribe yeah? 😷

3 songs...
1.) Mariah Carey - Emotions
It's an oldie but damn is it a goodie. Especially THAT high note that I think I can try and hit every single time.

2.) Ghost Time DJs - My Boo
Yes it's that song from the Running Man vines but dammit is it a jam. It's what my dad would call groovy, and indeed, he would be right. Perfect for summer BBQs with plenty of beers.

3.) Mura Masa - What If I Go?
This is so chilled and makes me fell all lovey dovey for some reason in the sunshine. Summer love kinda vibes.