Saturday, 6 June 2015

Denim & Pink May

Oh denim. How I love you so. I'm sorry for all the hate I gave you as a teenager as I thought you only came in the form of skinny jeans. 

How wrong I was. 
Re-kindling my love of denim skirt and dungarees that I once had as a kid, they're now a true staple of my wardrobe.
And even jeans and I have kissed and made up. They're just now ripped and much less tight. 

Get me all in monochrome. Who thought there'd ever by the day eh?
While on a trip down memory lane, I picked up these platforms with me. They came into my life last Spring and I practically live in them as soon at the weather always my tootsies to be out. I call them my Spice Girl shoes - pretty apt don't cha think?

Or you can be more specific and go the whole hog.
Sporty spice anyone?

If channelling the footwear of the best girl band in the world isn't enough, then why not just wear your love on your tee.
And why just stop down there hey? ALLLL the 23-year-old adults are wearing heart-shaped sunglasses! Especially when you match it all the pink accessories you own in your tasselled pink bag. Obviously.
Pink. The perfect colour for a spot afternoon of afternoon tea. How typically, bloody British.

And the queen of all things pink?
Barbie of course. 

If Spice Girls and kitsch sunnies aren't your 90s bag, then surely Clueless is. Cher Horowitz, eat your heart out. 
I've got fluffy shoes to see from from day to night, from running for the bus to dancing on the ceiling.

Even when you do have to leave the house disguised as an adult, just throw on your brightest midi-skirt, add some stripes (oh, and don't forget your sparkly shoes and mermaid bag).
And if after all this silly-ness, you feel you need to chill things down a lil' bit, grab your camel utility jacket (that secretly makes you feel a bit like Indiana Jones/a cowboy) and slip into your tasselled suede boots.
Got all the bases covered here guys, don't you worry.

Stay happy!
Until next time...


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