Sunday, 1 December 2013

We were born & raised, In a summer haze

Do you ever have one of those night where you watch a video YouTube, and there's that bar of related videos down the side, and you think, "oh, i'll just watch this video too....just one more", and before you know it, you've clicked on your 20th video and you've ended up watching a cat jumping into a box, when what you started off with was a cover of a Lordes song...

Well, this happens to me on a regular basis. I fall into the Youtube trap so much, and before I know it, it's 1am and the article I promised myself that I would finish is still a half-done string of words.

This is exactly what happened the other night, but what I ended up watching at the end ofthe line wasn't some furry animal, but a lioness with luscious locks and lungs of steel.
I watched Adele live at the Royal Albert Hall, which I actually hadn't seen before but heard nothing but amazing things about, and, just....WOW.
Her songs get played so much I think it's easy to forget sometimes just how outstanding her voice is. She belts out those notes with what seem like such ease, and her lyrics are so beautiful and human that you can relate with so much, it sometimes feels like she's written about your own life.

Watching her live is absolutely mesmerizing. he can tell each lyric she sings is dripping wth passion and emotion, and is taking her back to that very moment when she wrote them.
And obviously, I'm not the only one who thinks she's the bee's knees...
She has such a great raport with her audience and is such a joker you can't help but to cackle along with her. She seems down to earth, sat there drinking her mug of hot honey, it feels like a friend has invited you round to catch up and chat, but then the music starts and this majestic, sophisticated, elegant and glamourous eagle just soars.
Also, how amazing doe her hair look?! I have complete envy! How is it even possible t have that much and volume and curls so bouncy!?
Not only is her voice stuning, but she always looks it too, with her smouldering smoky eyes and tousled hair.
She's found what works for her and plays around with dark and myterious dresses that shimmer across the stage. I love her style and how much it suits her. It's a kind of old-fashioned glamour that you really don't see too much of these, in the world of mid-riff bared twerking where sex always seems to sell. There is a simple yet extravagant elegance about Adele that remains.

I can't wait to see what she does next and for her to come back, and I'm gonna have my fingers crossed that I can go see her perform live with my own 2 eyes!

Are you a Adele lover? (how could you not be?!)   What your favourite song of hers?
image sources: vogue, yahoo fashion, outnet, tumblr

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