Who's that girl?

So, you've stumbled across this blog, and you're wondering who the heck this girl is banging on about her life and reminiscing about the 90s?
Well, allow me to introduce myself:
Hola, Bonjour, Sup -  I'm Amy!
And welcome to my corner of the internet - glad you could make it!
(please take your fabulous shoes off at the door.)
Journalist. Fashion Obsessed. Tea Addict. Laughing Machine. 
Puns Galore. Hopeless Romantic. Dancing Fool.

I'm a 20-something gal who's just trying to transition into becoming an adult with as few cringe-worthy moments along the way, learning and laughing when they inevitably do happen (which is more often than I care to admit...) 

I care too much about Clueless, Britney Spears, Space Jam and The Kinks.
I have magpie-like tendencies towards anything pastel-coloured, fluffy, or dripping in cute, novelty value.
This is my online haven where I share what I've been up to while frolicking along in life, what I'm obsessed with, what I've been wearing, list out all my realisations and wonderings, and spill out any major feels. 
I just like writing. Simple as.

I hope that the scribbles I tap out on my laptop, make you laugh, relate, think and communicate - so come along for the ride!



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