Wednesday, 8 February 2017

January? Just.Do.It

Ladies and Gents, I would like to introduce you to the new love of my life....
I started off my 2017 receiving this fluffy bad boy and my god...what a way to start off a new year. It's furry, it's leopard print, it's got flashes of electric blue and a hot pink collar. Faux real, it couldn't be more me if it tried.

 The only way to make an outfit more 'me', is to slap a bloody slogan on it. Whether that be around my wrist in the politest of manners, or on my nails. You know me. Love to show what I'm feeling, rather than say it (Millennial and all that)

While jeans are a lot of people's fail-safe go-to, I've had a bit of a tricky relationship with them. I've got lil' legs and they involve calves so the 90% of jeans out there that are skinny. Not for me hun. As the years have passed though, I've come to realise that the denim friend for me comes in a straight-legged and high variety, and I started off the new year as I mean to go on by embracing the fuck out of them. 

But hey, I'm not going to be abandoning my life-long combo of a jazzy mini skirt and a chill top anytime soon. If it ain't broke, don't fix it and all that.  

Epesically when that combo is a simple striped top and denim skirt that makes you feel like an off-duty Alexa Chung. Let's face it, it's the closest I'm going to feel like Alexa Chung...ever.

And it's good to go back to basics, especially when sometimes you just go a bit too far with ombre, polka dots AND glitter....

 This January also marked a year since I started boxing. And what do you do to celebrate such an event? Treat yourself to some new work out gear that's just as pastel-pretty than the rest of wadrobe of course. 

See what I mean? 
Even when it's -2 degrees, the coat, scarf and hat are all pastel perfect, and covered in fluff. How else is one supposed to wrap up warm eh? 

But sometimes you just have to give the weather the cold shoulder and well, crack out the cold shoulder. Throw caution to the bloody wind y'all and look pretty in pink, especially if it's flirty and frilly.

And nothing more picture perfect in pink than this pleated partner. Honestly, if there was ever a skirt to make you feel like you were part of Gossip Girl, this is it. Silky, swishy and splattered with spots, this baby has been showered with compliments every time I've worn it.

And that's made me blush like a happy lil' piggy every time, without fail.

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