Sunday, 8 January 2017

Dancing through December

Winter is the perfect time for a spot of shearling.
Whether that's long and swooping along the floor like you're part of a 90s pop music video, or short and denim like a 19-year-old hipster. 

You know what the other thing that's great in December? Red. All the red during the festive season please. Whether that's a simple and bold lippy, a punky pleated skirt or a sparkly slogan sweat. 

And on the days you're feeling really lazy? An oversized 101 Dalmations sweatshirt with a big ol' Lazy Oaf heart. 
Sassy over the knee boots optional.

And when the festive season gets all too much, put on your chunkiest and coziest piece of knitwear to hide the fact that you've eaten so many pigs in blankets that you've in fact, become an actual pig in blanket.

As a regular Mrs.Christmas myself, it'll surprise no-one that I'll have festive headgear on me more often than not. Whether it's more on the subtle side with a sprig of mistletoe or go all-singing, all-dancing with a flashing headband of tinsel. 

Throw in a pair of pom-pom earrings and a metallic gold skirt and you're ready for a night out of fizz and festivities. 

But you know, there's times you have to go hog-wild and when those times call, find you're jazziest Winter Slopes top and matching it with a shimmering, mermaid pleated number...

Or why hold back? Deck your jumper with boughs of holly and tie that tutu round your waist.

And who says clothes get to have all the fun. Time to fab up the hair with hues or purples and blues. 

But the star of the show? The star at the top of the December tree? This magical LBD.

Sparkly stars ahoy, and a crown to finish the whole thing off because you know, it was just a bit too low-key.
The look of a girl living her best life y'all. Living. Best. Life.

Until next time,

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