Friday, 9 December 2016

November stars & sparkles

Life and attempting to be an adult can be hella confusing, and that sometimes leads you to some mixed up outfit choices, like the t-shirt of a troubled teen, teamed with a hat that makes you look like a youth and a glitzy you wore to your graduation.
If Step Up ever did a collaboration with Pretty Woman (just sayin')

But then other times, it just makes sense to team sparkle, with sparkle.
An outfit can sometimes be too sparkly though...SAID NO-ONE EVER.

And if some sparkle isn't enough to glitz up your day-to-day dressing then it's about time to add some actual magic to it with the moon and the stars.
Sailor Moon doesn't just save the world, oh no...she saves your outfit too babes.

And yeah, I know magic can be labelled as dark and mysterious, so sometimes you need to dress the park in sheer tops, high polos mixed with denim, purple lips and sultry CKs 
(pigtail plaits, optional)

If the dark side ever gets too much though, just throw in a polka dot top with a playful fox into the mix of your matching dark berry skirt and lip.
Or don your jumper that has fluffy sleeves that makes you feel like a sassy show-pony (because who doesn't want to be one of those?!) and then you can talk all your worries away on your Simpsons phone case. 
You know your main man Mr. Smithers is always on call for you. 

Because slogan sweatshirts are for all occasions - whether you're protesting against the shit show of the state the political landscape is in. Or, you jus want to tell everyone that you're a lazy pup and basically going to be mentally out of office until winter is over now.
Because life's too short not to say - or wear - what you feel. Life should be multi-coloured and faceted.

Whether that's a rainbow pastel covered coat of fluff (who has £700 for me to bring this coat of dreams home eh? anyone?)...
...or dying your hair into a My Little Pony dreamy curly and colourful dream.

Because the end of the day, fashion is meant to be fun, and if it ever seems like it's not, then just slip into your stripy pjs, have a sleep and start again in the morning.
No biggie. Don't sweat it babes.

Until next time...

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