Sunday, 20 November 2016

October pink & pizazz

October means winter is well and truly here, and well, with early nights and darker mornings, that means darker clothes. But before you feel too glum, remember that the festive season is also on it's way! So glitz up your gladrags with gold-stitched shorts, skirts and belts.

Or just, y'know, go the whole hog. If MC Hammer wore playsuits, this is SO what he would be rockin'
Perfect for a night of drinking and dancing, but sadly I will never learn that money and calories seem to still count on the weekend (sigh)

Yep. Sadly a baller at the weekends, and just plain ol' skint throughout the rest of the week. At least spend my weekend wearing sassy thigh highs and a swishy Lakers dress, trying to be a different kind of baller.

And even when the daily grind of your skint life gets to you, you know you can brighten it up with multicoloured scarves and skirts!

And of course, with October comes Halloween. And yes, you could just rock a dark lip to work while rockin' your high ponytail like it's 1990

But why do that why you can go full-blown Ursula, complete with seashell necklace, white hair and  iridescent cheeks worthy of a underwater witch.
 (FYI, the coloured hair spray was loads of fun to wash out the next morning while accompanied by a hangover.) 

But why does the dressing up and fun have to be restricted just to Halloween?! If you need me, I'll be wearing ALL the jazzy accessories from crystal tiaras and fluffy scarves to shimmering butterfly heels.

But at the end of the day, surprise, surprise! This girl loves a bit of pink - whether it's in the form of spots...


...or teamed with sportswear (Baby and Sport Spice, UNITE!)

Heck, I've even got a pink coat that makes me feel like Detective Barbie!

What can I say? I'm just born to be a lil pink piggy.

Until next time!

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