Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sugar sweet September

September had a trip to Ibiza stored so once again, it was time to do some packing (which I always go overboard with...standard)
And what does one pack for the party island of Spain? 
Well crop tops and hot pants ahoy first of all, surely.

Secondly, anything with a palm tree or tropical print is going STRAIGHT in my suitcase
Oh and no holiday's compete without your watermelon bikini of course, otherwise water-melon-choly time away that would be am I right?
But it's sad times when you come back from holiday and go back to work. That means no more crop tops and tropical kimonos on a daily basis. Not really office appropriate is it? No. Didn't think so. 
But fear not, you can carry on the khaki colour theme of your summer tropical forest with a slinky chained crop top to go with your ripped high waisted jeans. Feel weirdly like I'm in Liberty X and I weirdly don't hate that...
And even if you have got a bit of holiday blues, don't fight it, show it via your outfits. Blue skirts, blue bombers, blue camis - blue e'rything y'all.
What can I say? I just can't enough of the khaki - and I've even upped the anti and pimped out my camo coat with some pretty pins.
You can put the girly girl into an army jacket, and she'll find some way to make it more girly with sassy pin badges and floral embroidered jeans. 
And if flowery jeans weren't jazzy enough, you can mermaid your way through Monday like a shimmering mermaid with your sparkly pleated skirt. Toughened up with a Biggie Smalls tee, naturally.
When the sparkles get to much, be safe in the knowledge that you can always slide them off in favour for your trusty dungas - available in blue and blue - and perfect with a sheer, pastel top.

Dungas are all fun and games hwen you're pint-sized a la me. Can we just start naming heights in a more exciting way please? Instead of 5ft 5, you can just call me fun-sized. Like a mini Milky Way Celebration if you will.
 Wrapping myself in a lilac and white strappy mini dress with white heels that Cupid has given it's stamp of approval of with a glittery pink heart and arrow - who knew Daisy Duck could be such a style inspiration eh?

Until next time...

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