Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Swoon in June!

Rain and grey skies is no way to spend June, so I took matters into my own hands and packed up all the essentials a gal needs for a couple of days in the sun, and jetted off to Portugal with an old friend. 
And beofre you know it, the Wilma Flinstone bikini was thrown on, plaits were braided and there were magically cocktails and wine to hand.
And if that wasn't enough, I also got to frolic around a deserted island in a Morrocan tile rinted one-piece. But with all the cut-outs and deep plunge, had to make sure I didn't frolic TOO hard. Don't want any wardrobe malfunctions being posted to Snapchat now do we...
After a hard day of lying in the sun and splashing in the sea, it's only right you treat yourself to some Portugese green wine (it's AMAZING) and local tapas while dressed in a strapless lace dress that's as orange as the orange trees that fill the town.

Sadly, holidays DO have to come to an end at some point and although you have to return back to the 9-5 grind, jsut feel safe in the knowledge knowing that everything in life is better with a tan. So flaunt that badass kiss you got from the sun with a strappy cold-shoulder top in bright white and a pop of pink lippy. Holiday blues have ever looked so good!

If a bronzed bod isn't good enough though, then head into the office looking like a Barbie Girl you played with when you were 6 years old in a Bardot-style bubblegum pink dress, complete with white ribbon and heart-charmed choker. Other names inclde Sandy from Grease and Jigglypuff. All ridiculous. All acceptable.
Someimes though, not enough pink in the world is enough to save the political state of the world and you need to dress to match your campaign sticker and say 'Hey bouys and gulls - please remember to vote!'

And envitably when the results don't...QUITE how you would have hoped, cheer yourself up by hiching up your lilac tutu and knocking over every passenger on the tube.
But somehow, I don't think dressing up as a grown up ballerina will quite do for a swanky brunch on the 40th floor overlooking the London city skyline. And when those times come along, it's time to whip out the swishy and starry printed dress that makes me feel like in a carefree Stevi nicks who's just swoshing her flared sleeves through life.
Oh. And can we just appreciate these black beauties of a pair of boots. Treaded. Pointed. Heels. Oh somebody stop me before I get too carried away...

But who can totter around in towering boots all day eh? Time to dig out those black Vans you lived in when you were about 15 and was deperately trying to be a skater girl just so you can nab yourself a sk8er boyfriend. 
Who knew that trainers from your adolescence could be so versatile eh? Team with your fave brightly coloured fun and flirty strappy dress, or with a graphic covered Adidas top and stripy skirt combo that makes you feel as cool as Gwen Stefani (even if you don't LOOK as cool as her...sigh...)

And as if bringing your footwear back from your youth wasn't enough, I still rock the same hairstyles I sported back from my childhood. High half-up ponytail anyone? All I'm missing is a bone going through it and I could be Pebbles from the flipping Flinstones.
At least I've a strappy white top and ripped jeans to bring me back down - or up should I say - to my age!

And by now, you know my undying love for dungarees. As much as I love the denim (so much so that I've been known to double up on more than one occasion!) sometimes you just need to step up your game with a suede khaki green number.

And while the weather why not be in keeping with the Summer season, doesn't mean your wardrobe can't be with an injection of flower power. Silky bomber jackets or white jeans like your mum would've rocked in the 80s - you can never have enough florals (no matter what Devil Wears Prada tells ya)

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